So lately my confidence has been as you could say in the shitter. Not that it always wasn’t sitting on the rim of it, but you get the point. I started to google confidence challenges only to find about thirty different challenges that I still didn’t think would be that helpful. In response, I decided to create my own challenge. Starting this Monday it’s on! Since I will be doing the challenge along with whomever also needs a serious boost, I’m not sure how well this will go. However, hope is in the horizon, so let’s get started!


CHALLENGE RULES: You must make a social media post for each day.


Because it’s important that we face our fears –our naked selves, today we are
going as natural as possible. Yes, this means no makeup –ahh! And no styling. It’s hard for us to see, but this is where the real beauty lies. Are you scared yet? Because you also have to post photo evidence.

Motivational Quote: “A confident girl doesn’t show off her naked body, she shows off her naked face.”

Now that our esteem probably back tracked, it’s time for a little reminder about what we got goin’ on! Make a status asking this question: “What is my best attribute?” Confidence and taking compliments go hand in hand, so no ew no’s. Just throw in some thank you’s and sit back and take it.

Motivational Quote: “We are prepared for insults, but compliments leave us baffled.”

Do you feel a little better after all those compliments? That’s right, because compliments empower people. So this time you’re going to be doing the complimenting. Today you have to compliment 5 people –and they have to be legitimate. You’ll be amazed how complimenting other people will actually help your own self confidence.

Motivational Quote: “Girls compete with each other, women empower one another.”

Living in a society where we are taught to constantly be striving for more, it seems impossible to be content living within our own skin. Guess what though? Everyone struggles with this. So today we’re going to google insecurities of one of our idols and post the results. Being able to see that our idea of perfection isn’t really perfection at all is going to help us start seeing things, ourselves, in a whole new light.

Motivation Quote: “You were born to be real, not to be perfect.”

Now that we know that our perfect idols are okay with throwing their insecurities out there, it’s time for us to do the same. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing rewarding ever is. Today make a list of all the things you think keep you from having a confident relationship with yourself, no matter how silly or embarrassing, and post the list. Once it’s out there, you won’t have to hide behind a front anymore, so this experience should be in a weird way relieving.

Motivational Quote: “Insecurity knocks from time to time. Invite it in for coffee, talk with it, understand it, and then poke it in the eye with the sugar spoon.”

Unless you’re richer than red velvet cake, there’s no changing your base physical attributes. With that said, today is going to be about embracing and highlighting what you’ve got. Put on a ridiculously cute outfit, style the crap out of your hair, and put on your glam face. Just remember that we’re not hiding behind all of this, we’re enhancing the best parts about ourselves. So don’t go clown face crazy. And of course don’t forget to take a selfie!

Motivational Quote: “All women are pretty without makeup, but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.”

So this one might seem a little weird, but do you remember the best attribute status? Go back and recollect all the attributes that were mentioned. Today we are going to focus on those. For all the physical attributes mentioned we’re only going to apply makeup to those areas. For any personality traits mentioned we’re going to entertain with only those traits. For instance, if someone said you were funny, spend the day telling jokes, making puns, snapping funny faces, anything along those lines. Don’t forget to post the photos, videos, and/or statuses.

Motivational Quote: “Focus on the good.”

Although we are always going to have to hear other people’s opinions, we have to learn not to take them to heart the way we do because they do not define us. Make a status that says, “What are my worst qualities?” Do not respond to comments. At the end of the day post a picture of you smiling in the comments section.
If you’re really bold wear something crazy and bold into public for the day. You’re going to get a lot of judgmental looks, but make sure to stay smiling and post pictures!

Motivational Quote: “Let your smile change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.”

Calendar - day 9 stock photoToday is an easy day. We’re going to search for our all time favorite quotes, post them, and pick at least one to get your craft on with. Make a sign, a quote block, t-shirt, or anything you’d like with the quote on it. Staying confident is hard so we’re going to need things to keep us on the right track. Place somewhere obvious to help keep you motivated, inspired, and confident every day.

Motivational Quote: “Stay inspired so you can inspire.”

Calendar - day 10 stock photoWe have been thrown into a competition we can never win. So basically today we are going to stop being sore losers. Find a friend a do something competitive. A sport, a board game, a race, or whatever. Just make sure if you lose you keep a smile on your face, congratulate the other person, maybe buy them an ice cream cone, and remember that everyone has to lose to really appreciate winning. Make sure to post evidence of your good sportsmanship! I want to see lots of hand shakes and ice cream cones!

Motivational Quote: “If you can’t win, lose like a champion.”

Calendar - day 11 stock photoLet’s take a break from all the mental exercises and let’s get physical. Today we’re going to focus on our bodies. That means on this day we’re eating and drinking healthy –no fast food, no soda, no alcohol(fuck), and we’re going to do something active –take a walk, workout, dance, etc. Now I’m a big believer in also engaging in things you love even if they aren’t necessarily healthy, like eating Taco Bell, but living right is about living with balance. So this exercise is to make up for all the booze and Taco Bell our poor bodies have endured, cleanse, and help us feel good from within to without. I strongly encourage you to do something like this often. This one is going to require some serious evidence so post pictures and videos!

Motivational Quote: “Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.”

Calendar - day 12 stock photoI hope after yesterday you’re feeling extra good and ready to make some changes. Because today we’re going to make some changes. Confident people know how to analyze their flaws, work with them, and fix them when they can. So as part of our confidence boost journey we are going to fix some. Pick some things about yourself and/or that you do that you would like to change and do just that. Now remember you can’t change everything, but this will help get rid of some of the negative baggage that we all carry around. Post your goals.

Motivational Quote: “We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.”

Calendar - day 13 stock photoWe’ve been working so hard, I think it’s time to treat ourselves. People tend to become so focused on their insecurities that they deprive themselves of the best kinds of pleasures. Today we are going to indulge in those best kinds of pleasures. Buy yourself something cute, bake some brownies, eat that beefy five layer burrito from T-Bell, get a massage, a pedicure. Basically anything that makes you moan or want to, do it. It’s time to stop feeling guilty about pleasure.

Motivational Quote: “I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you f***ing like something, like it.”

Image result for calendar day 14When you look at nature isn’t the only ugly thing about it what people have done to it? Yet if you’re in the middle of nature where people have barely touched it does it not touch you? And yet it is so flawed. We have to start viewing ourselves as part of nature. Remembering that the flaws are what make us unique, beautiful, interesting, and inspiring. We have to set aside all the trash people have thrown at us, and get back to the roots. So today we’re going on a nature adventure. Go somewhere with lots of trees, water, and/or animals and analyze. Take pictures of all the flaws you see –a crooked tree, a one legged animal, etc. Post them and think about how serene you felt in the middle of all those flaws.

Motivational Quote: “Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature, it will nurture your mind, body, and soul.”

Calendar - day 15 stock photoNow that we know it’s possible to feel serene and content in the middle of flaws we have hope. Today we’re going to talk about how this challenge affected us, what things helped us most, and what we will do to stay confident. Hopefully we’ll inspire someone who is not unlike us. Make a video of your experience. Being in front of the camera will prove that you’ve improved your confidence.

Motivational Quote: “Confidence is like a muscle the more you use it, the stronger it gets.”

Congratulations! You’ve completed your challenge! And remember to treat yourself and repost. ♥courtblogsmoe