1) You get to view your target market on a whole other level. The cool thing about social media marketing is that you get to see what your customer base is all about. This will give you helpful insight for future preparation.

2) You can respond to problems quickly and immediately. Social media is crazy about feedback. The buzz about your product or service or business will spread like wild fire and you will hear of it. This allows you to see what consumers think of your business and for you to respond accordingly.

3) Your competition is all over social media. No more sending secret spies in to see what a competitor is up to, you can see it all online! Social media allows you the ability to look at the competition and find ways you can exceed them right at your fingertips. Marketing made easy.

4) People are receptive. People love to hear what people have to say. We have tons of social media platforms based around it – Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make statuses and let the people browse through them. I can promise that someone will have something to say.

5) You will get more sales. People love shopping online because it provides convenience and they get great deals. Just being able to shop at home in footy pajamas has consumers in awe. Put them even more at awe with some amazing incentives. The best part of social media is that there are so many ways to offer incentives with such a diverse selection of platforms. Have contests, drawings, offer coupons, gift certificates, and much more. One really awesome thing you could do is have a photo contest on Instagram. Hint, hint.

6) You will find customers you never knew existed. One of the greatest thing about being online and using social media is that it instantly becomes international. Forget only reaching people that are footsteps away from your store front.

7) Customers you never knew existed will find you. Because the internet is so diverse and so broad, customers can literally come from anywhere. As long as your are posting links in other places, engaging with consumers, and promoting your product or service, people will find you from all over the world.

8) It’s free. You can market for absolutely no cost! Of course there are options for better promotions that you can pay for but the great thing is it all revolves around your budget. If that budget just happens to be no budget at all then so be it. You can still become a major success.

9) The playing field is pretty fair. Unlike the brick and mortar world, money doesn’t necessarily mean success on social media. The most successful people on social media are the most clever. These are the ones using good tactics, hooks, and worthy content. Some of the most ordinary people become extraordinary through social media.