From their cover photos to their hashtags, restaurants are taking full advantage of social media today. The best part of all is that the customer base does not mind! Who does not love to see a picture of good looking food that has you running out the door to get a taste. These five restaurants not only gave their customers something to taste, but tasted something for themselves – success.

1) McDonald’s

McDonald’s is claiming the number one spot with almost seventy million followers across all social media platforms. How can they possibly have that many followers? Because they engage them. McDonald’s is constantly promoting different sweepstakes, sales, new products, and most of all their more healthy lifestyle approach on all of their social media platforms. One of the biggest campaigns McDonald’s has done over social media is their transparency question and answer where consumers asked about ingredients and preparation and McDonald’s told them. There is a reason everyone knows the name McDonald’s. Good job McDonald’s your consumers are lovin’ it.

2) KFC

KFC apparently does not only have good fried chicken, but good social media skills. KFC spends its online time giving their fans and followers gift certificates for tweeting all about their delicious fried chicken. They also engage their audience with intriguing videos that are not necessarily promotional, so that they never feel too bombarded. Smart move. KFC you are not only finger lickin’ good, you are finger clickin’ good.

3) Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is doing amazing social media things these days. You can even order and track your pizza online! People love pizza and Pizza Hut knows it so they post anything that will get their market talking about their infatuation with pizza. Clever memes and amazing Instagram photos are their specialty. Pizza Hut really does know how to deliver.

4) Applebee’s

Applebee’s is constantly promoting deals like two meals for twenty, five dollar snacks more bang less buck, etc. Moreover, on all of their platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, they are posting appetizing photos that make people want to dive in instantly. They really know how to make a nice dining experience appear affordable. Good job Applebee’s.

5) Burger King

Since challenges have been pretty big lately, Burger King found themselves making one of their own. The Burger King Challenge was issued on Instagram asking if anyone was “king enough” to eat all ten burgers on their menu. Once L.A. Beast got on board, the challenge was a complete success. It was an epic social media move on Burger King’s part. Keep up the good work Burger King.