#1 Shake Weight


“A little practice doesn’t hurt anyone.”

This interesting little product not only gives you a great workout but will have your man in the palms of your hands. After all, a little practice doesn’t hurt anyone. Add the Shake Weight to your squat routine and it is a win, win for you and the main squeeze.

#2 Elite Cuisine Sandwich Maker


“All men love sandwiches.”

After using your shake weight I’m sure you’ll be hungry and wore out and chances are so will your man. Give the impression that you’re doing hard work in the kitchen without all the hard work with the Elite Cuisine Sandwich Maker. After all, the rumor remains true – all men love sandwiches. Make your man a sandwich and he just might love you more than the treat itself.

#3 Crest Garlic Toothpaste


“Tame your man, not his breath.”

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Don’t be a worry wart when it comes to guy’s night out, embrace it with Crest Garlic Toothpaste. It’s the perfect way to let your man have his fun, but keep all those hair twirling ladies far, far away from him. Just ask if he brushed his teeth before he goes out the door and sit at home content. Win, win again.