Social media, if used properly, is a great way to engage and maintain their current customer base as well as attract new customers. Here are five retail businesses that are properly using social media.

1) TJ Maxx

Chances are you have heard about the TJ Maxx created term “Maxxinista” and even thought about becoming one yourself. What TJ Maxx is doing right on social media is taking advantage of user generated content. They simply ask their customers, through social media, to hashtag Maxxinista on their instagram photos or tweets and let the users do the rest. It is an easy way to create brand awareness. Good job TJ Maxxinistas!

2) Costco

Costco, one of the largest retailers known, is doing their best work on their Facebook page. Costco reveals seasonal products that are returning so their customers can take note, as well as their personal customer favorites. This informative approach is great for awareness but business in general. Can not wait to see what is in store for Christmas this year Costco!

3) Marshalls

Like TJ Maxx, Marshalls focuses on user-generated content. However, not only are they asking customers to hashtag their Instagram photos and tweets with Marshalls famous saying “Fab Found,” but are giving them prizes for it! Each day Marshalls gives away a gift card to their favorite hashtagging customer. Incentives are must and Marshalls knew it. Your social media skills are just fabulous Marshalls.

4) HTC

Lets just say there is not a iPhone verses Android war because HTC does not know what they are doing. They know exactly what they are doing. What are they doing you ask? HTC takes advantage of the easiest thing you can do on social media – pictures, videos, and a lot of them. Visuals hook readers in and HTC puts them everywhere they can. A big thing that they have done recently is engage their audience with their new “Beautiful” campaign. This allowed individuals to send in their own beautiful photos for a chance to win a free HTC phone. The best part of it is that they do these interactive photo campaigns all the time. Congrats, it is working for you HTC.

5) Target

Target hit the bull-eye with social media content. You can literally find Target on just about any social media platform. Which is just plain smart. I know one of my personal favorites is seeing Target all over Pinterest. Being about to visualize a cute outfit, bag, etc., and know that I can go somewhere close to get it it really helps push me to consume! I guess you could say I am not the only one. Target = winning.