Yes, yes, yes is the definite answer. You can not understand your company if you do not know what is going on with it. Social media monitoring gives you answers. Think of your company as a tree. The roots are your initial launch and they are embedded in the rich soils of social media. Social media monitoring allows you see where your company has sprouted and branched out and help you determine if your company has overall successful growth. So start monitoring folks!

Ten Things Social Media Monitoring Helps You Do:

1. Respond to complaints

Not only does addressing a negative complaint look more professional but it allows you to take a bit of hold on the gripe before it gets out of hand. Also, monitoring means you will catch these complaints quicker to respond or adjust accordingly.  

2. Share the compliments

Reputation is key. Boost your company rep by sharing positive feedback with your social media audience so that they know what your business is all about and how awesome it really is.

3. Solve customer problems

It can be rough to hear a customer has a problem with your product or service, especially if your product or service is near and dear to you. However, for good business, you have to face your problems and then fix them. It is easy to identify these problems if you are monitoring conversations and reviews on your social media platforms.

4. Answer audience questions

A huge social media advantage is that it allows us to connect with people conveniently and quickly. When people have questions they want answers fast, by monitoring your social media regularly you will be able to do just that.

5. Know what is what

After monitoring social media outlets for a while you will be able to tell which ones are getting your message across and your brand name aware. Take advantage of that and be aware of what keywords are most effective on each social media outlet.

6. Manage any crisis 

When the shit hits the fan and you want your business to come out spic and span, you have to know how and when to take action. If you are not monitoring your social media outlets, you will either have no or delayed awareness of the crisis and attend to it too late.

7. Monitor the competition

Know what your audience likes and dislikes about your competitors and use it to your advantage. If you want to keep up with the big boys, you are going to have to monitor your social media outlets – because they sure do.

8.Spot the trends 

By simply just logging in your social media accounts and taking a scroll through, trends will pop up right in your face. This will aid in helping you form marketing campaigns for your company big time.

9. Discover the influencers 

Know what social media sites and the people on them that are making an impact on your audience and try to connect with them. This will intrigue your audience just that much more.

10. Reach ready prospects 

By monitoring social media outlets, you are getting right to the source – customers. This way you are indirectly learning about them and their habits to directly target them. 

Make sure to monitor viewers!