Do you want to limit your business on what information you can get to stick in your head? That is one of the many reasons social media CRM (customer relations management) is so important. Face it, to be a successful business owner you have to keep up with and on top of things. CRM will help you do just that.

Ten Reasons Why CRM is Important:

1. Your memory is not perfect

At certain point maybe you can remember enough to keep up with 10 or so customers, but your brain has a limit. If you are basing your expectations on that limit than you are limiting your businesses opportunities. Do not do it, do CRM. Having CRM is like having a hundred more brains. It will store everything you need to know about each and every customer you have and more.

2. Emails are decentralized

As your company grows so will your email inbox. As it does that, your inbox all of a sudden starts to become unmanageable. CRM is the solution. It keeps all the important information and makes it easy to find and access. 

3. You need metrics

Do not waste your valuable time trying to figure out rations and spreadsheets when CRM automatically does it for you. It is really just the smart and efficient thing to do. 

4. Statuses are important

It would help to know the level of interest your customers or prospects have correct? Well CRM lets you push your wonders aside. CRM gives you the most up-to-date status on customer or prospect sales process. Also, if you forget (because your memory is not perfect) you can go back and review anytime you need to.

5. History is important

By having the ability to look back on the things that your company has done, you will be able to figure out what you did wrong and you did right and build from there. CRM gives you this necessary information right at your fingertips.

6. Competition helps businesses

As much as we think we hate competition, it actually is good for business. Competition motivates us to continually improve and keep up-to-date. CRM will help you track exactly what your competition is up to and what is or is not working for them.

7. Never lose your data

Using notebooks, calendars, or even laptops to store everything on? Well those can be lost or stolen at any given time. CRM assures you will never lose what you store because it is web-based.

8. Predict your future

Ever wish you could predict the future? Well CRM is the closest you can get to that super power. Of course it is not set in stone, but CRM has the ability to make a pretty darn good hypothesis. 

9. Track your tasks and events

Talk about an awesome calendar. CRM not only is able to backup your plans, but organizes them in a way that will assure you can not forget them. Also, having a dashboard with a quick overview of what is coming up soon is really helpful. Call it your own string on finger.

10. Be organized

The key to good business is good organization. You may be top in your household, but you are still human and make mistakes. On the bright side CRM is not human and can assure you, mistakes aside, you will remain organized.

Get on the right track and get CRM