With LinkedIn remaining the “World’s Largest Professional Network,” companies are learning that it is worth establishing a presence on. What is more is that not only does it give a small business an established professional presence, but it increases a small business’ professional connections. Connections are important, especially if a small business is looking to expand or branch out. As they say, connections are key. On top of that LinkedIn is providing businesses with valuable and credible information soley. LinkedIn does not allow content that is anything less than valuable and credible and monitors it well. With that being said here are five business that realized the benefits of LinkedIn and looked pretty while taking advantage of them.


So we knew that Dell made really computers, but did you know they make a really good LinkedIn page? Taking their spot at number one for LinkedIn’s Best of Company Pages 2014, Dell is shinning brighter than their computer screens. By leveraging Sponsored Updates, exceeding their ability to target, and always providing valuable and interesting content, Dell has been able to reach out beyond their LinkedIn followers and claim their number one spot.

LinkedIn Tip: “Sponsor your best content to reach even more of the World’s professionals directly in the LinkedIn feed.”


Taking the number two spot is a project management company that has learned not only how to help you manage your projects, but how to manage their LinkedIn profile. Evernote is in the top five because they did something interesting than just simply keeping up-to-date. Evernote made the move to keep their most exciting news at the top of their LinkedIn page’s Recent Updates, so that visitors were sure to feast their eyes upon it. They realized it was working and they Ever-noted it down.

LinkedIn Tip: “Feature your most valuable content by pinning an update to the top of your Company’s Pages Recent Updates section.”


In the number three spot is Hootsuite, a social media platform management company. Apparently Hootsuite has been managing more than your social media accounts. By being familiar with their audience and providing them valuable and relevant content they know their audience wants, Hootsuite has made their LinkedIn page a major success. Honestly, the page is worth checking out just to view their tips and tricks posts.

LinkedIn Tip: “Share content that is valuable to your audience and answer questions or solve problems they may have.”


Taking the number four spot is L’Oreal, the world leader in beauty. By humanizing their brand and engaging their audience L’Oreal has earned a great reputation for themselves. They ask questions, they give answers and that is something an audience appreciates.

LinkedIn Tip: “Start discussions with and among your followers by asking questions, sharing short quizzes, and celebrating company wins.”

Luxottica Group

Last but not least, Luxottica Group takes the number five spot. This company makes working fun and enjoyable and makes sure that everyone knows it. Good content and constant job openings keep their page alive. In addition, Luxottica Group portrays the company culture extremely well through their LinkedIn page and I think that is exactly the kind of thing to put them on my top five.

LinkedIn Tip: “Attract top talent by leveraging the Careers Page on your Company Page.”

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