Everyday Google+ is growing into a stronger social media platform, with currently over five hundred million users. It is convenient and resourceful and that is why people love it. So from a business perspective, you might want to put your seeds in that pot. Here are Ten reason why:

  1. Google+ is promoted by the largest technology platform on the planetGoogle
  2. Established as the second biggest social network in the world
  3. Everything you post on Google+ is immediately indexed by Google – SEO
    1. Pages that are on the first page of Google get 54.8% of clicks
  4. You have a great deal of resources in one single place
    1. Hangouts, Communities, YouTube, Google, Gmail, Google Maps, etc.
  5. It combines information, people, and context
  6. The +1 button allows people to establish what is trending
  7. You can add authorship to your content
    1. Builds status and trust among your consumers
    2. Increases traffic to page
  8. Your brand can participate in different communities
    1. Interest groups
  9. It is a great FREE resource that allows you to connect with your target audience
    1. Hangouts – live demonstrations, debates, and conferences
  10. You can be the place you want your customers to be
    1. Through a scoring system on Google viewers can read reviews before they visit them

Here are 5 great Businesses already using Google+:

1. 30 Lines

Followers: 3,468

Views: 108,041

30 Lines is a company that revolves around expanding your web presence. On 30 Lines’ Google+ page, 30 Lines shares interesting and valuable advice posts to help viewers learn how to expand their web presence.

2. B2C

Followers: 12,090

Views: 2,481,704

Business 2 Community is revolved around sharing topics of lifestyle, social, news, and technology in the business world. Business 2 Community provides viewers with great examples of how sharing valuable content will help your business succeed, especially as an online/social media presence.

3. Distilled

Followers: 8,729

Views: 1,342,243

Distilled is an international online marketing company. Distilled’s Google+ page contains all of their superb work and shares company news, hangouts, interesting articles, and info graphics.

4. Hootsuite

Followers: 44,626

 Views: 9,941,188

Hootsuite is a social media network managing site. Hootsuite’s Google+ page includes posts about info graphics, tips, and trends in social media. They are known for having creative and charming posts for their viewers to read and appreciate.

5. Simply Business

Followers: 4,154

Views: 1,682,520

Simply Business is one of the UK’s biggest business insurance providers. On Simply Business’ Google+ page you will find bloggers sharing awesome articles and Google hangouts with their viewers.

Viewers, I think it is safe to say, Google+ is a plus for your business.