As I have said time and time again, people love visuals and videos. What better way to catch the eye of your target market than to engage in a network that allows you to give them just that. So what network should you use? With over 1 billion visitors a month, YouTube is your answer and here is why.

1. Why Business Owners and Advertisers Can’t Afford to Ignore YouTube (Motion-graphic)

This article talks about how YouTube is where it’s at. With an average of 35,000 new subscribers and 884,000 monthly video views, YouTube gives you optimal opportunities for drawing in new customers.

  • More exposure = more revenue
  • YouTube enhances social sharing
    • Facebook = 2.6 million likes
    • Twitter = 203,000 followers

2. YouTube For Business: Top Ten Strategies & Best Practices

The fact is, YouTube usage on smartphones and desktops is almost 24/7, so people must be taking advantage of it. And since the people are so should the businesses. Here is a fun chart to feast your eyes upon:

This article gives you ten great ways to take advantage of YouTube.

  1. YouTube is a tool. Use it to:
    1. Make sure to search most effective channels
    2. Keep content interconnected
    3. Make sure content is valuable
  2. Make Content, Not Ads.
    1. Make sure intro videos are creative and engaging
  3. Become The Face of Your Business. People want to know there is a real person behind your business and YouTube gives you a way to show them.
    1. It builds relationships with consumers
    2. Make sure to reply to comments
    3. Make sure to talk a little about your story
  4. Everyone Starts At Zero.
    1. Remain patient
    2. Share on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  5. Leverage On The New One Channel Design.
    1. Create a quality channel header
    2. Create a channel trailer for non-subscribers
  6. Push people To Your Website.
    1. Include a link to your website in videos and “about” section
    2. Put YouTube videos on your site
  7. Utilize Paid Views.
    1. Use Google Adwords for Video
    2. Know that the first 5 seconds of a video are crucial
  8. Collaborate.
    1. Find established creators with over 100k subscribers in your target market
  9. Leverage YouTube Videos.
    1. SEO (search engine optimization)
  10. Call to Action. You want viewers to do something after they watch.

3. Top 10 YouTube Tips for Small Businesses

  1. Create and Customize Your Channel
  2. Add Subtitles
  3. Don’t Overuse Annotations
  4. Act to Remove Offensive Comments
  5. Engage With Your YouTube Community
  6. Organize Your Content
  7. Don’t Overlook Tags
  8. Promote Your YouTube Videos Elsewhere
  9. Use YouTube’s Free Analytics Tool
  10. Don’t Neglect Your Channel

4. 34 Ways to Use YouTube for Business

Expertise and Thought Leadership

  1. Upload recordings of presentations given to show authority and public speaking skills.
  2. Share Slides from presentations
  3. Create short tip videos
  4. Conduct an interview with an expert
  5. Turn podcasts into videos to expand reach
  6. Engage with comments and video responses
  7. Enhance videos with YouTube’s special features
  8. Record important meetings to share

Marketing and Advertising

  1. Setup channel to reflect your brand
  2. Choose a channel name that reflects your brand
  3. Add your channel URL to other social media platforms
  4. Post customer testimonial videos to add to credibility
  5. Put together a creative video explaining your product/service
  6. Show your product in action in a movie-trailer style
  7. Show the results of someone using your product/service
  8. Promote events
  9. Introduce staff
  10. Take viewers on a tour of working environment
  11. Ask others to use your product in their videos
  12. Post links to your videos
  13. Look into YouTube Promoted Videos
  14. Use Google Adwords
  15. Earn money by entering a partnership with YouTube
  16. Run a contest
  17. Add call-to-action overlays to drive traffic
  18. Study channel performance with YouTube Analytics

Customer Service

  1. Create how-to videos to help your customers use your product/service
  2. Post solutions to common product/service issues
  3. Answer customer-specific questions in a video
  4. Embed videos on your website
  5. Post a blog entry with a video included
  6. Add closed captions or subtitles to your videos
  7. Show a work-in-progress project

5. Hollywood’s Big-Money YouTube Hit Factory

If you’re still not sure about putting your business on YouTube, this article is about a great success story of someone who did even after people told them they were nuts.

YouTube your business viewers