Twitter is hot and handy for business. We are constantly seeing commercials and other forms of advertising with hashtags written all over them. It’s clear that businesses have found ways to optimize their Twitter experience. Now it’s your turn. How is that you ask? Twitter tools. However, with there being so many different Twitter tools in the Webosphere, it is hard to know which one(s) are really going to be best for you and your business. But lucky you, I’ve done some research and found Twitter tools that are ranked to please. Here are five of the most frequently used Twitter tools the expert Tweeters are using: 

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This Twitter tool allows you to shorten and share links to multiple Twitter accounts. Furthermore, you can also create a short custom domain. But best of all, you get to keep track of the stats on all your links you share. This is definitely an essential for your Twitter tool box.


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This Twitter tool is by far one of my personal favorites. Why? Because Hootsuite is more than a Twitter tool! This versatile tool is like the Swiss Army Knife of the internet. It allows you to manage at least five social media profiles all at once and the best part of all is that it’s FREE. However, if you want more features the price is cheap at 5.99 and includes all your analytics.


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Now this Twitter tool is cool. Buffer allows you to schedule your tweets to be spread throughout the day so you are not bombarding your followers with them. Buffer also provides great analytic feedback so you can determine what content your followers enjoy the most!

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This unique Twitter tool allows you to collect and store tweets in a newspaper-styled format for easy sharing with your followers. What makes this tool so handy is that it drives a lot of traffic, which of course is always good for awareness and rankings.


Used by: @brett @davepeck @denisewakeman

This Twitter tool allows you to add an RSS (rich site summary) feed to automatically be shared through a variety of social media accounts each time they are updated. You can customize everything on your post from showing the title, link, and/or RT. This tool provides the advantage to generate content to your audience automatically.

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