With surpassing a billion active users and continually growing, Facebook can be considered today’s hot spot! It’s where the people are and the businesses should go. One of the great things about Facebook is that the actual Facebook page has been engineered in favor of businesses. From cover photos to newsfeeds, Facebook has variety of great features for any business to use at their disposal.

1) L.L. Bean


Why it’s good: Okay so this page is doing a lot of things right. One thing, that I think every business should make sure to do, is keeping the profile picture true to their logo, which in this case is their name. On top of that, the logo (profile photo) flushes up against a nice cover photo of happy individuals wearing L.L. Bean’s clothing line. If clothing gets me up to see that beautiful view, I’m all wallet! Furthermore, the most important thing this page does is keep it’s customers interacted. It does this with a variety of tabs such as “Join the Conversation” which puts the customer on a mailing list, or “Base Camp” which allows customers to submit photos with trending hashtags. Good job L.L. Bean!

2) Intrepid


Why it’s good: This page is the epitome of convenience and people like that! A user can gather information, connect with others, book trips, and write reviews without ever moving from this Facebook page. Intrepid also has some great tabs to click on! “Trip Reviews” is a great resource for individuals who are looking at the best places to travel and “Meet Up” allows travelers to get together for some adventurous fun. Thumbs up Intrepid.

3) Threadless


Why it’s good: Ultimately, users want a great experience and Threadless is one company that said “let’s give them just that.” Something I find worth my while to point out is that this page connects to another popular application known as Instagram. This allows viewers to move beyond the proximity of this page, which opens up more doors for the business. It was a smart move. Also, Threadless has t-shirt design contest! It’s a fun way to get customers/viewers involved, especially when your’e displaying their work as your cover photo! I vote yes for Threadless, you blew the competition away.

4) Nutella


Why it’s good: Well for starters, Nutella is such a yummy treat. Seriously, have you had it? For some unforsaken reason people love see food images, hints all the trending “this is what I ate today” photos all over the place. Therefore, the open Nutella jar in the Facebook cover photo is a yes. The best part about Nutella’s page is that the delicious and enticing photos don’t end at the cover photo, but continue throughout the page. Nutella, I’ll see you in the morning.

5) Zappos


Why it’s good: As I’ve said before, call-to-action is important for a business. Zappos’ takes advantage of Facebook’s new call-to-action option known as the “Shop Now” button. It’s easily accessible and simple, just as a call-to-action should always be. Just part of the reason the company has such a great reputation for customer service. You go Zappos – ha that rhymed.

Hope you hit the like button for these pages