Inbound marketing – maybe you hear a lot about it, but do you really understand it?

It’s really this simple – tactics for getting viewer attention. Furthermore, it is the branded the most effective method for doing business online.

Marketing has changed to adjust to modern lifestyle. Back in the day marketing was effective through direct mail – which is now considered “junk mail” and simply thrown away never to be reviewed, TV advertisements were guaranteed views – which now are skipped through with the use of TiVo/DVRs, radio advertisements reached the largest amount of people – which now have been avoided with the use of XM/Sirius radio, applications such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify, and especially the use of iPods. The modern individual is tired of being disturbed with outbound marketing techniques so in order for marketers to reach them, they had to turn to inbound marketing techniques.

What are these inbound marketing techniques you say? Here are some:

Many of the techniques favor something called Reputation Management – the point of reputation management is to make sure you and/or your company looks good at all times.

  • Blogging – it is one of the single best ways to attract viewers to your site. It creates educational and/or informational content that entices them and answers their variety of questions. Plus, people love to put their two cents in! Give them an opportunity to do so and the opportunity for success in your hands.
  • Customer Reviews – it is essential to be aware of what your viewers and/or customers want. The easiest way to do so is to just ask them on a frequent and up-to-date basis.
    • ex. surveys
  • Social Publishing – people are browsing social media these days. It’s important for a business to reach out through as many social networks and options available to them.
    • ex. Video on Facebook’s news-feed
  • SEO – this is a great way to keep tract of your company. If you are appearing prominently when searched in a search engine, you’re coming about things the right way.

Another important concept many techniques fall under is Lead Generation – the point of lead generation is to obtain your viewer’s information for contact after you’ve attracted them to your site.

  • Call-to-Action – this is a link that encourages viewers to take action on your site.
    • ex. “Sign up for…”
  • Landing Pages – the thing about landing pages is that they fulfill the call-to-action.
    • Once the viewer clicks on the call-to-action they are taken to the landing page where they fill out the desired information and officially become a contact. Landing pages should be simple and to-the-point. A good landing page can draw an fifty percent of viewers.

The modern human is almost always online. In order for a business to reach today’s customer base, they need to get online as well. Inbound marketing is where it’s at. For that simple fact alone, it’s effective. Moreover, by going online businesses aren’t limiting themselves as harshly with location. With a well-made reputation and leads, a business can spread successfully world-wide. Something that was almost never heard of in the days of outbound marketing.

So it just may be that you’re thinking of getting your business going and I say it’s time to go inbound, capiche?