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February 2015

Market Strategize Facebook Style

Things to remember:


Everyone loves to get something free! Espcially something of value! Giveaways are a great way to get people involved and associated with your business.

Facebook Ads

Lets face it, advertising is expensive! However, Facebook Ads allow you to choose your campaign limit to stay within your budget. Cha-ching!

Images and Videos

Most likely, in today’s society, your target audience is too lazy to read an article on your product or service. Luckily, there’s two things that allow them to be just that and you to still catch their interest: Pictures and videos. Pictures are worth a thousand words and videos are worth even more. People want visual stimulation, so give the people what they want.

Don’t neglect

Take time on what you’re posting! I can not stress this enough. As unfortunate as it is, people do judge a book by its cover, so make it appealing. Also, keep your posts up-to-date and consistent.

Take time to respond to your audience! These are the people that you ultimately depend on. Answer their questions, thank them, etc. It will up your business rep.

For all you media indulgers, here’s a great video!

Things to focus on:


  1. Feature a Fan of the Month
  2. Ask questions of your fans
  3. Do market research
  4. Ask for fan content
  5. Ask fans to Share content


  1. Debut a product launch
  2. Throw an online party
  3. Stream a press conference
  4. Stream a panel webinar
  5. Guest post on other pages
  6. Host a scavenger hunt
  7. Coordinate a joint challenge
  8. Add a media room


  1. Award a prize to fans who Share
  2. Integrate contests on all social media platforms
  3. Host a joint contest
  4. Crowdsource new product ideas
  5. Crowdsource content and videos
  6. Issue a fan challenge
  7. Hold a Favorite Things contest


  1. Ask a question
  2. Include a person’s photo
  3. Add a call-to-action (ex. “Shop Now” button)
  4. Target your ad to interests and likes
  5. Target geographically
  6. Have ad clicks link to custom landing page/tab
  7. Advertise an event
  8. Include a video in ad


  1. Reward fans who tag
  2. Link to an article, video, or resource
  3. Give away a checklist
  4. Offer a fan contest for sharing
  5. Sponsor contest for charity (ex. Pepsi Refresh)
  6. Add a Like box to your website
  7. Host a video contest
  8. Ask face-to-face contacts to Share

QR Codes

  1. Display on trade show signage
  2. Link to page with product line
  3. Show product options
  4. Link to your website URL
  5. Map to store location
  6. Link to welcome video
  7. Display custom landing page/tab
  8. Take buyers to virtual tour
  9. Use on product packaging


  1. Guest post on clients’ pages
  2. Review colleagues’ products
  3. Host a panel chat
  4. Joint contest and giveaways
  5. Host a Facebook Shop Hop
  6. Use Featured Likes
  7. QR code link to joint info
  8. Host a blog tour and integrate it


  1. Offer coupons for fans only
  2. Display QR code on profile photo
  3. Ask how you’re doing
  4. Host a photo contest
  5. Use photo profile strip to display specials
  6. Share, share, share
  7. Hold a monthly contest
  8. Add special events to your page

You are all ready to hop aboard the Facebook train, good marketing!



5 Good Facebook Pages

With surpassing a billion active users and continually growing, Facebook can be considered today’s hot spot! It’s where the people are and the businesses should go. One of the great things about Facebook is that the actual Facebook page has been engineered in favor of businesses. From cover photos to newsfeeds, Facebook has variety of great features for any business to use at their disposal.

1) L.L. Bean


Why it’s good: Okay so this page is doing a lot of things right. One thing, that I think every business should make sure to do, is keeping the profile picture true to their logo, which in this case is their name. On top of that, the logo (profile photo) flushes up against a nice cover photo of happy individuals wearing L.L. Bean’s clothing line. If clothing gets me up to see that beautiful view, I’m all wallet! Furthermore, the most important thing this page does is keep it’s customers interacted. It does this with a variety of tabs such as “Join the Conversation” which puts the customer on a mailing list, or “Base Camp” which allows customers to submit photos with trending hashtags. Good job L.L. Bean!

2) Intrepid


Why it’s good: This page is the epitome of convenience and people like that! A user can gather information, connect with others, book trips, and write reviews without ever moving from this Facebook page. Intrepid also has some great tabs to click on! “Trip Reviews” is a great resource for individuals who are looking at the best places to travel and “Meet Up” allows travelers to get together for some adventurous fun. Thumbs up Intrepid.

3) Threadless


Why it’s good: Ultimately, users want a great experience and Threadless is one company that said “let’s give them just that.” Something I find worth my while to point out is that this page connects to another popular application known as Instagram. This allows viewers to move beyond the proximity of this page, which opens up more doors for the business. It was a smart move. Also, Threadless has t-shirt design contest! It’s a fun way to get customers/viewers involved, especially when your’e displaying their work as your cover photo! I vote yes for Threadless, you blew the competition away.

4) Nutella


Why it’s good: Well for starters, Nutella is such a yummy treat. Seriously, have you had it? For some unforsaken reason people love see food images, hints all the trending “this is what I ate today” photos all over the place. Therefore, the open Nutella jar in the Facebook cover photo is a yes. The best part about Nutella’s page is that the delicious and enticing photos don’t end at the cover photo, but continue throughout the page. Nutella, I’ll see you in the morning.

5) Zappos


Why it’s good: As I’ve said before, call-to-action is important for a business. Zappos’ takes advantage of Facebook’s new call-to-action option known as the “Shop Now” button. It’s easily accessible and simple, just as a call-to-action should always be. Just part of the reason the company has such a great reputation for customer service. You go Zappos – ha that rhymed.

Hope you hit the like button for these pages


The Importance of Inbound Marketing

As you know, I am a Social Media Marketing Student this semester. This week we’ve been focusing on Inbound Marketing and its importance. The assignment this week: Read chapters 1-9 and write a blog post on the importance of Inbound marketing. So here I am at the end of chapter nine of Inbound Marketing thinking I know exactly how to blog now.

“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”

Mark Twain

Although great quotes are one of the many things I love about this book Inbound Marketing, the main reason I want to reference it is because I believe it to be a great source beyond this blog for you, as my precious viewer, to engage in. Once I tell you how important inbound marketing is for business, you’ll be dying to go pick it up off the book store shelf. As it says, it will help you attract, engage, and delight customers online.

With that noted, lets begin!

Okay, so inbound marketing is important – we’ve established that. Let’s establish why. With changes in technology and the people in the world of it, marketing has had to endure many changes of its own. Keeping up with the latest trends is marketing’s full-time job. What’s trending now? Inbound marketing. Outbound marketing is “out”  and inbound is “in.” Picture a scenario where in school there’s an “in” group and an “out” group. The “in” group is noticeable, talked about, envied whereas, the “out” group is almost invisible and undesired. As I’ve said in previous blogs, the modern human does everything in their power, with the help of technological innovations – TiVo, Pandora Radio, etc.,  to avoid the “out” group or outbound marketing. However, because the modern human relishes in online activity throughout their day, they are easily subjected to the “in” group or inbound marketing. This is what makes it important. Inbound marketing is all about the tools to reach the modern-day-human customer base. In a sense, these tools tell you as an individual how to get to being a part of the “in” group from the undesired “out” group. These tools include blogging, social media publishing, landing pages, etc. Whichever tool, be assured that they are primal for business success.

Here is a great video, for those of you that maybe would prefer not to read, on the importance of our beloved “in” group – inbound marketing:

Be cool viewers


Inbound Marketing, Capiche?

Inbound marketing – maybe you hear a lot about it, but do you really understand it?

It’s really this simple – tactics for getting viewer attention. Furthermore, it is the branded the most effective method for doing business online.

Marketing has changed to adjust to modern lifestyle. Back in the day marketing was effective through direct mail – which is now considered “junk mail” and simply thrown away never to be reviewed, TV advertisements were guaranteed views – which now are skipped through with the use of TiVo/DVRs, radio advertisements reached the largest amount of people – which now have been avoided with the use of XM/Sirius radio, applications such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify, and especially the use of iPods. The modern individual is tired of being disturbed with outbound marketing techniques so in order for marketers to reach them, they had to turn to inbound marketing techniques.

What are these inbound marketing techniques you say? Here are some:

Many of the techniques favor something called Reputation Management – the point of reputation management is to make sure you and/or your company looks good at all times.

  • Blogging – it is one of the single best ways to attract viewers to your site. It creates educational and/or informational content that entices them and answers their variety of questions. Plus, people love to put their two cents in! Give them an opportunity to do so and the opportunity for success in your hands.
  • Customer Reviews – it is essential to be aware of what your viewers and/or customers want. The easiest way to do so is to just ask them on a frequent and up-to-date basis.
    • ex. surveys
  • Social Publishing – people are browsing social media these days. It’s important for a business to reach out through as many social networks and options available to them.
    • ex. Video on Facebook’s news-feed
  • SEO – this is a great way to keep tract of your company. If you are appearing prominently when searched in a search engine, you’re coming about things the right way.

Another important concept many techniques fall under is Lead Generation – the point of lead generation is to obtain your viewer’s information for contact after you’ve attracted them to your site.

  • Call-to-Action – this is a link that encourages viewers to take action on your site.
    • ex. “Sign up for…”
  • Landing Pages – the thing about landing pages is that they fulfill the call-to-action.
    • Once the viewer clicks on the call-to-action they are taken to the landing page where they fill out the desired information and officially become a contact. Landing pages should be simple and to-the-point. A good landing page can draw an fifty percent of viewers.

The modern human is almost always online. In order for a business to reach today’s customer base, they need to get online as well. Inbound marketing is where it’s at. For that simple fact alone, it’s effective. Moreover, by going online businesses aren’t limiting themselves as harshly with location. With a well-made reputation and leads, a business can spread successfully world-wide. Something that was almost never heard of in the days of outbound marketing.

So it just may be that you’re thinking of getting your business going and I say it’s time to go inbound, capiche?


Writing an Effective Blog

Does blogging seem interesting to you, but you just don’t know how to come about it? Here are some great articles that will take you step by step on the process. Enjoy!

This was by far my favorite of the articles I researched. It sums effective blogging up in seven simple steps:

  • Number one, Understand your persona. Your personal persona is what intrigues readers and keeps them coming back for me. 
  • Number two, Be an expert. You want to know what you’re talking about so that your readers find you reliable. This concept of being an expert also includes regularly blogging and doing it at with consistency. It’s professional and builds to your persona because readers will know what to expect.
  • Number three, Be clear and concise. A lot of writers like to focus on the length of their posts. When in fact readers absorb something better when it’s straight to the point.
  • Number four, Have fun with multimedia. You can use multimedia to be clear and concise. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Plus, let’s face it – people would rather look at pictures and view videos than read an entire post. Ultimately, multimedia is what hooks your reader. Use it.
  • Number five, Encourage interaction. People love to give their opinions – so ask for them! Make sure to respond to them too. It gives to your persona and builds your relationships with your viewers.
  • Number six, Use examples. Put real life situations in your posts. Moreover, put some personal situations in them. People like to read what they can relate to.
  • Number seven, Check your tone. Think about sentence structure, word choice, and grammar. It all aids in your personal tone. Makes sure it’s the one you want to portray.

Once you think you’ve got the hang of how to write an effective blog you want to think about a singular post. This article does a great job of breaking it down.

Before you begin to write your post, you want to pin point who your audience is going to be. This allows you to figure out the tone you want to take on. It will be the one that will target your audience most effectively. Then you go on to choosing a topic and title. You want the title to catch the audience attention and sum up the topic of your post. Begin your frame work. Begin your intro (and make it captivating). You want to hook your reader in. When you start filling up the body, it is important to organize your content. Sections, lists, bullets, whichever, It keeps your reader from feeling too overwhelmed with reading and information. Use your chosen method of organization a an outline to begin writing. Now write your content! Include examples, data, references, and multimedia to make the most out of your post. When it’s all done, edit it. It’s important to always double check your work. At the end of your posts insert a CTA (call to action). Tell the reader to subscribe to your blog, visit a link, comment their opinions, etc, whichever, allow your reader to interact.

Here are some other great articles on how to blog:

This article explains the make up of a blog post or as it refers to the blueprint of a blog post: The title, the intro, the content, the closing, etc. Then it tells you what to do after your post is made, sucah as, replying to comments and questions.

Here we go from the blueprint of a blog post to the anatomy of one. The article also explains the same makeup: The title, the intro, the content, the closing, etc, but the author addresses everything with his personal experience, which makes it a repeat article worth reading.

For the most part, we’ve all heard of – For Dummies books, but have your read Writing a Good Blog – For Dummies the article? This article also addresses the concepts above, but the most interesting part about this article is that it stresses the importance on keeping your blog up to date. The most successful bloggers are the ones that are frequent and consistent.

Good luck blogging ladies and fellers 


5 Social Media/Inbound Marketing Blogs I’ve Subscribed To

#1 Convince & Convert:

This blog has been awarded and named the number one content marketing blog in the world by Content Marketing Institute. Just that title alone made me feel like it should be something i’m receiving daily emails about. The great thing about this blog is that it is full of advice and workshops from a team of professional marketing advisors. Of whom have worked with leading companies such as Wal-mart, Petco, etc. One post that really caught my interest is Convince & Convert’s post called 5 Marketing Failures and How to Fix Them:

Due to the fact that we are all human, we all make mistakes. I like the fact that the blog is not only providing posts on how to be successful, but how to fix it when we are not.

#2 Find and Convert:

This blog gives good insight and/or information with a variety of digital marketing topics. The main goal of Find and Convert is to aid you in producing the most effective marketing results.

#3 For Entrepreneurs:

This blog gives entrepreneurs, like myself, the most effective information and credible resources for start-ups and success. It is and also has plenty of great references. One of the reasons I chose For Entrepreneurs is because it’s important to me to learn the best ways to get my own business up and running in the future. It’s to mention that many of the post’s claims on For Entrepreneurs are backed up with plenty of statistics. In my opinion, you really can’t go wrong with statistics.

#4 Razor Social:

This blog teaches us how to be the most effective and productive on social media. The team of creators work with people around the world to deliver the best solutions and suggestions. One of my favorite things about this blog is that it’s so simple to browse and appealing to the eye.

#5 Social Mouths:

This blog lives up to it’s name. Social Mouths is all about a guy mouthing all the latest news and advice about what it will take to be successful online. It often adds a splice of humor to it’s posts – which makes learning fun! One of my favorite recent posts on Social Mouths, called 3 Marketing Ideas You Can Steal From Bruce Lee, makes references to the world famous movie star Bruce Lee:

Social Mouths has a great way of getting attention and is a fun and informative blog to subscribe to.

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