The central thing that makes social media marketing so interesting is that it’s essential for any successful business. Today’s society is wrapped up in smartphones, tablets, computers, and the newest of technological innovations. With the convenience of the internet, the days of newspaper ads and flyers are quickly dwindling. In fact, we find both of those things on the internet now. I remember helping a friend who worked at a newspaper packaging warehouse, a few years back. We’d wait for the papers – in a freezing cold warehouse I might add, separate them, put them together – in the correct order, bundle them, and then run them through a tying machine. At the end of the day your hands were guaranteed ten black fingers and a few paper-cuts. Now, the internet has eliminated all that hassle. On top of that, customers don’t have to wait for their paper, worry bout their neighbors taking it – rain drenching it, or getting their doughnut fingers blackened by ink just to read the news. Social media expanded horizons, especially within marketing. Things that were once only spread locally are now spread globally. There’s automatically a greater consumer base in the land of social media. One article, one advertisement, one post has the ability to be turned into millions of shares, millions of likes, millions of discussions with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If you ask me, that is interesting in itself. But I ask you – why do you think social media marketing is interesting?

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